Lularoe at Pilates Bodies

Lularoe at Pilates Bodies


Lularoe is the HOTTEST & latest addition to the apparel industry!

Why is it sooo BIG??? Because not only is every piece as soft as butter but it is also very reasonably priced. They wear really well, are flattering for all sizes and hold up nicely!
Lularoe offers a varied range of garments: leggings, skirts, t-shirts, dresses, sweaters, kids sizes and some men’s clothes also available.

Purchase Amazing Clothing!

How do you purchase? Stop in to the studio at 10 Penn Valley Drive, Yardley PA 19067 some pieces will be out for your convenience at all times. OR want to see the FULL line? Host a party at the studio or at your home or online on Facebook. Invite your friends and you will earn a free piece for every 10 pieces sold at the party. We do the rest!


Join our Team

Want to learn more about Lularoe?  Possibly become a consultant yourself?  I can tell you it is almost risk free and if you decide you don’t want to sell any longer they guarantee to purchase 90% of your inventory back!  An excellent customer service team, high profit margins and a minimal initial investment make it an easy decision.  I would love to discuss further with you!  Feel free to contact us at 267-391-9200.