Meet our Staff!

Meet some of Staff!!


Joyce Applegate

About Joyce!

Joyce first experienced Pilates after practicing Winsor Pilates.  Her own practice of Pilates grew into a desire to deepen her understanding of the mind-body connection and share it with others.  She completed her comprehensive Pilates and Barre Certifications through the Pilates Bodies Fitness Instructor Training Programs in 2014 and 2015, respectively.  In her classes, Joyce integrates her love of movement and dance with her Pilates skills to help clients of all ages and abilities create healthy, strong bodies.

Favorite Pilates Inspiration:  Watching her clients grow stronger and hearing about how good Pilates makes them feel!

Teaches: Newbies Pilates, Pilates Mat, Reformer, Tower, and Barre.


Edye Fisher-Discount

About Edye!

Edye has been instructing Pilates for over fifteen years.  She is Pilates certified through the Physical Mind Institute, and she also holds certifications in Personal Fitness; Spine, Knee, and Hip Therapy; and Nutritional Counseling.

Favorite Pilates Inspiration: Being able to use Pilates-based movements to help develop flexibility and strength in clients who are recovering from injury.

Teaches:  Newbies Pilates, Pilates Mat, Reformer, and Tower


Sarah Dooley

About Sarah!

Sarah shares her enthusiasm for Pilates with her students through her upbeat and challenging classes, and she truly enjoys helping others find their own passion for Pilates.  She received her Pilates Teaching Certification through the Pilates Bodies Fitness Instructor Training Program in 2014 and her Real Ryder Instructor Certification in 2016.

Favorite Pilates Exercise:  Plank…there are just so many challenging, wonderful variations!!

Teaches:  Newbies Pilates, Pilates Mat, Reformer, Tower, and Fusion.


Britney Harmon

About Britney!

Britney was first drawn to Reformer Pilates in 2007 as a workout to compliment her aggressive running schedule.   Britney received her Pilates Certification from Balanced Body University in 2009.  In 2014, she received her Yoga Certification from Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia.  Her teaching style is very upbeat and encompasses a total body workout.

Favorite Way To Fuel Her Pilates Body: With a mostly vegan diet and an uncanny aptitude for concocting tasty green juices.

Teaches:  Newbies Pilates, Pilates Mat, Reformer


Margo Konugres

About Margo!

Margo is a former marathoner, turned to Pilates in 2015 after she developed a serious injury. Margo immediately recognized the strengthening and increased flexibility gained from Pilates. She completed her Pilates Teaching Certification through Pilates Bodies Fitness Studio’s Instructor Certification Program in 2015.

Favorite Pilates Exercise: There are too many to just pick one!

Teaches: Newbies Pilates, Pilates Mat, Reformer, and Tower


Monica Labato

About Monica!

Monica started practicing Pilates in 2013 and instantly fell in love. She received her certification for Pilates and Barre through Pilates Bodies Fitness Studio’s Instructor Certification Program and received her Real Ryder certification in 2014. Monica has worked with a range of clients including pregnant women, new moms, and people recovering from back and other injuries. She loves to challenge her students, help them grow in their practice.

Favorite Pilates Move: It’s a tossup between stomach massage, advanced tendon stretch, and snake

Teaches: Pilates Mat, Reformer, Tower, Barre, Fusion, and Real Ryder

Anna Lopez

About Anna!

Anna’s fitness journey began with field hockey.  She initially received her Spinning® Certification in 2014 and shortly thereafter began working as a spin instructor.   After taking a Barre class, she found another love to add to her fitness repertoire.   In fact, she loved Barre so much, she completed her Barre Certification through the Pilates Bodies Barre Instructor Certification Program in 2015.

Favorite Pilates Inspiration:  Helping people live healthier lives, and staying strong.

Teaches:  Real Ryder, Fusion and Barre


Meredith O'Brien

About Meredith!

Meredith holds an advanced degree in Nutrition with a concentration in Dietetics, and she received her Instructor Certification in Spinning® in 2014 and in Barre from the Pilates Bodies Fitness Barre Instructor Training Program the same year.  She studied Pilates in Pilates Bodies Fitness  Instructor Training Program.  With her focused, energizing, and supportive teaching style, Meredith helps empower her clients with strength and confidence as they work toward achieving their fitness goals.

Favorite Exercise:  Plank.  (She knows at least 20 different core-killer varieties!)

Teaches:  Real Ryder, Barre, Fusion, Newbies Pilates, Pilates Mat, Reformation, and Tower


Glady Reyes-Diaz

About Glady!

Glady has a passion for health and fitness, which she has shared with her clients for her 20+ year career in this field.  She holds her AFAA Certification in Personal Training and in Group Fitness Instruction.  Also, Keiser and Schwinn Certified for Spin Instruction and Barre Certified through Pilates Bodies Fitness Studio, Glady is always bringing new and fresh techniques to the studio.  Regardless of what she is instructing, Glady leads a class that is energizing, transformative, and challenging.

Favorite Part of Her Pilates Bodies Job: The gratification she enjoys as she watches her clients improve their endurance and strength.

Teaches: Real Ryder, Barre, and Fusion classes


Chief Organizational Officer

About Jennna!

Pilates Bodies has grown so much and a lot of it stems from the hard work of Jennna.  She interacts with the clients and keeps us so organized in so many ways that most of us don’t even realize.  In her free time Jenna plays tennis, being a mom and takes classes at the studio.


Marketing Coordinator

About Allison!

Allison has been working at the studio since we opened and assists with a lot of our Marketing and Social Media campaigns.  Her hard work has enabled us to grow at a rapid pace! In her free time, Allison enjoys taking classes at the studio.