Class Descriptions


RealRyder® CYCLING Classes are done on RealRyder® bikes. These bikes are stationary but move side to side and will teach you body awareness as well as strengthen your core.
To see a RealRyder® bike in action, click here.

BELLY UP BARRE Experience a complete, dynamic full body workout all done on the ballet barre. Work every muscle group to its potential followed by immediate stretching to lengthen that muscle group. Get longer & Stronger!

STACKED Could be one of several Pilates workouts & barre or a cardio option. You won’t know which combo until you get here!

T & A’S (TOWER ABS & A–) Think you have experienced all that Pilates has? Tower is done on trapeze, wall and mat. It will challenge you and take that Pilates body to the next level!

IRON MAT Challenging Pilates class done on the mat with props which will increase your body awareness & give you a complete & challenging workout.

PILATES FREE FOR ALL Experience many facets of Pilates, a combination of mat, tower, & reformer.

PILATES FUSION Need something new in your workout??? How about a circuit class! It can include many of the following: barre, tower, rebounder, indoor cycling, reformer and of course mat Pilates. The ultimate cardio, core, lengthening and stretching workout combined to keep your muscles guessing! Please wear sneakers.

re *FORM*ation Pilates done on the reformer with springs to enhance your workout without high impact to weaken your joints. Learn to move properly and safely while creating a long, lean pilates body!

NEWBIE PILATES An introduction to all types of Pilates & Pilates equipment.

B.O.B. A unique combination of cardio, ab work and strength training that will blast your metabolism!